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Holden will den Mörder mit einem gewagten Plan aus der Reserve locken. Bills Familie bleibt im Visier der Ermittler. Wendy muss berufliche Veränderungen bewältigen. (Netflix)

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Englisch The chaos in Atlanta took center stage in this episode, overshadowing all other elements. Initially, I was leaning towards a three-star rating, but the crosses tipped the scale in favor of a fourth star. What made it particularly tragicomic was its basis in reality, with only minor adjustments by the creators. 4*- ()


alle Kritiken (zu dieser Serie)

Englisch At times a very peculiar unraveling of the Atlanta case. Rather than a tense and unsettling atmosphere, there is an emphasis on proper detective work. As a viewer experience, is a tad lower than the previous episodes. ()


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