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DaViD´82Tränen der Sonne(2003) 

An interesting premise, good plot setting and nice production design. On the other hand, the pathos is bordering on kitsch and the pace is very uneven. A watchable affair that only confirms that Fuqua is nothing more… (mehr)

EvilPhoEniXParasyte: The Grey(2024) 

I was honestly expecting a bigger bang, but it's fine. For me, it's better than the two-part Japanese film, and the series is only 6 episodes long. The theme of the world being invaded by alien parasites that can… (mehr)

KakaTränen der Sonne(2003) 

Too simple, flat, and in the second half also hardly believable, but Fuqua knows when the limit of pathos is exhausted and thankfully keeps the tough soldiers in check and avoids playing a hysterical drama about the… (mehr)