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GoldbeaterThe Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)(2015) booo!

So, this is what happens when an absolutely below-average horror filmmaker gets drunk on fleeting fame and has his head stuck way up his own ass (probably following the example of the characters in his movies), then… (mehr)

EvilPhoEniXRed Right Hand(2024) 

For me, a totally watchable action B-movie with a likable Orlando Bloom and a great Andie MacDowell, who was excellent as the mafia godmother. It's suspenseful, there is some torture, and the action is only average, but… (mehr)

J*A*S*MThe Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)(2015) 

What to do with a horror film that’s not scary? What to do with an exploitation flick that’s not unsettling? What to do with a comedy that’s not funny? What to do with a satire that doesn’t hit the target? A simple… (mehr)