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EvilPhoEniXDie Dunkle Saat(2023) 

David Slade, the director of one of the best vampire movies 30 Days of Night, is back after a long hiatus and delivers a Halloween monster slasher that has its bright moments but the potential was higher. The story is… (mehr)


If you are a fan of Mexican wrestling and are interested in the representation of gay wrestlers in its history, this is the film for you. Cassandro is otherwise a classically conducted biographical drama in all respects… (mehr)

J*A*S*MIn der Haut meiner Mutter(2023) 

I didn't expect this festival flick to turn out to be something like a Filipino version o Evil Dead. In many ways, it is a likeable genre flick, but at the same time, when compared with this year’s Evil Dead Rise, and… (mehr)