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Bill und Holden beschließen, bei der Kategorisierung ihrer Subjekte die Hilfe von Dr. Wendy Carr in Anspruch zu nehmen und erhalten überraschende Neuigkeiten. (Netflix)

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Englisch This time I had to add a fifth star because the ongoing conversations with killers are impressive even in the series, I definitely wouldn't want to be in John Douglas's shoes when he went through this live. I think even after a shower he must have constantly felt dirty. At times, it's chillingly good. ()


alle Kritiken (zu dieser Serie)

Englisch Kapadia is perhaps a little more audience-friendly and less dark in his directorial approach. At the same time, however, the fourth episode feels a bit monotonous and repetitive, with similar dialogues, moments and situations throghout. The atmosphere is great, but it does need a bit of build-up. ()


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