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Holden befragt den auf unheimliche Weise wortgewandten Mörder Ed Kemper. Doch Holdens Forschungsprojekt stößt beim FBI auf wenig Begeisterung. (Netflix)

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Englisch After a lukewarm and cursory introduction, this is where things get lively, or Fincher excelling at what he really knows: an ultra-realistic depiction of psychos. The interrogation scenes are great – the casting, the dialogues, the timing. A notch better than the previous episode. ()


alle Kritiken (zu dieser Serie)

Englisch The second episode was even better than the previous one. Cameron Britton was a great choice for the role of Ed Kemper. When he first appeared, I immediately remembered the mix of emotions that John Douglas described in his book after their first meeting. It was an interesting episode, and I have a feeling that I will really enjoy the series. 4*+ ()


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