My Fair Lady



Für ein wissenschaftliches Experiment nimmt der exzentrische Professor Higgins das ungebildete Blumenmädchen Eliza unter seine Fittiche: Er will beweisen, dass die Sprache eines Menschen auch seinen Charakter formt und dass er Eliza innerhalb weniger Wochen in eine echte Lady verwandeln kann. (Warner Bros. DE)

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Deutsch Schreckliche Monstrosität, zu lang, statisch und unglaublich veraltet für seine Zeit. Das Musical selbst hat kaum zwei denkwürdige Hits, Cukors Verfilmung ist lediglich eine Plattform für den sprachlichen Exhibitionismus von Audrey Hepburn und Rex Harrison. Ich bevorzuge die Inszenierung im HDK, die ich in guter Erinnerung habe, mit Blanarovičová, die für ihre Eliza den Thalia-Preis gewann. ()


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Englisch I love musicals, Audrey Hepburn is sweet, and the story is suitable for comedic banter and grand performances. But the running time... Almost three hours is insanely long, and one of the final conversations between Higgins and Eliza almost ruined it for me with its dragging pace. Otherwise, there is plenty of humor, beautiful songs, and outstanding actors. As a whole, though, only for a forgiving 70%. ()



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Englisch Audrey Hepburn in top form and with her boorish English she makes the film such an exceptional experience that it richly overcomes the complete lack of dance numbers and the unprecedentedly naive romantic plot. A few of the songs actually do work out and Rex Harrison gives the main character a rather proficient "nod", but let's face it... when Audrey isn't in front of the camera, it's pretty boring. 75% ()


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Englisch A classic musical and one of the basic pillars of the genre. It drew on both George Bernard Shaw's popular play and the support of the studio, which rightly saw the guaranteed box office success of the film and did not regret the set design and star actor costs. The experienced direction of George Cukor and the casting of the delicate, typologically perfect Audrey Hepburn emphasized its success. Overall impression: 95%. ()


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Englisch I'm... I’m still smiling. It's not that kind of grin that makes you feel like your hinges are going to bust and you're literally going ear to ear. No, it's a pleasant smile, a gentle sparkle in the eyes. Perhaps that's a sign of contentment? Maybe, could be. So how did I get to five stars? At first, I couldn't stand Liza – hearing her, seeing what she got up to; it was something awful. Seriously. Which is to say, Audrey hung in there and handled her role perfectly. For me, the whole film rests on her performance; without her, where would it be? The other thing that captivated me was the delightful dialogue, such a beautiful play on language! Higgins' mother is a wonderful lady and I wouldn't mind having her as a mother-in-law :) And the ending... Without pouring out that beating muscular organ. Without the big speeches and hugs and reassurances that everything from now on will be good, great, with much love. Which I very much appreciate. Another plus was the costumes, especially at the races – those fabulous hats :) the only thing that bored me was the unnecessarily long songs. I wanted to move on, at least one step forward, and yet they kept repeating the same lines. Yes, I thought, I got it the first time, truly, and I’m amazed I didn't start gnashing my teeth :-D But the movie gets 5 stars – mostly for the smile and the inner peace. ()

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