Im Wasser der Seine


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In order to save Paris from an international bloodbath, a grieving scientist is forced to face her tragic past when a giant shark appears in the Seine. (Netflix)

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Deutsch Ich bin mehr als angenehm überrascht. Mir hat gefallen, dass der Film bis zum Ende zwischen ernst gemeint und absichtlich verrückter Unterhaltung balancierte, dass sein Regisseur eine anständig dichte Atmosphäre schaffen kann und dass er keine Angst vor dem ökologischen Unterton hatte, der im unerwarteten - aber großartigen - Finale einen erstaunlichen Punkt erreichte. Ein zweiter Teil ist wahrscheinlich nicht notwendig, aber andererseits, warum es nicht versuchen. ()


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Englisch Oh so this is not going to rank with this year's New French Wave and there was a lot of faith in Xavier Gens, who could have saved the eco shark horror after a long time, but who hasn't come up with a quality genre film in years, and instead of a proper shark carnage, he made a sort of activist eco drama? WTF! I don't care that it's stupid and nothing makes sense, but the fact that the shark only appears properly after an hour and the whole time it's just bullshit activism, Gens shat his bed here. For an hour absolutely nothing happens, I don't understand the focus on the story, which nobody cares about anyway, the characters are completely useless, the whole thing takes itself too seriously, so it's unfortunately an incredible bore, which could have been saved by lightness and gore, but even that is lacking. The final 20 minutes didn't offend me, finally something starts to happen and finally the shark shows up, which is digital, but it's honestly the least of the problems here. Next time please another Frontier(s) instead of not these experiments. A big disappointment, but for the finale and the inoffensive underwater shots, at least two stars. 3/10. ()