"Barney's Version" ist die warmherzige, weise und witzige Lebensbeichte von Barney Panofsky (Paul Giamatti), einem eigentlich gewöhnlichen Mann, der ein außergewöhnliches Leben lebt. Seine Geschichte erstreckt sich über vier Jahrzehnte und zwei Kontinente. Es kommen drei Ehefrauen darin vor (Rosamund Pike, Minnie Driver und Rachelle Lefevre), ein durchgeknallter Vater (Dustin Hoffman) und ein ebenso charmanter wie liederlicher bester Freund (Scott Speedman). "Barney's Version" nimmt uns mit durch die vielen Höhen - und ein paar zu viele Tiefen - des langen und bunten Lebens eines ungewöhnlichen Helden: der unvergessliche Barney Panofsky. (Universal Pictures Germany)


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Deutsch Seit den Jim-Carrey-Filmen hat sich Paul Giamatti zu einem unverwechselbaren Komiker entwickelt, dessen Filme nicht jedermanns Sache sind. Doch wer ihm eine Chance gibt, der wird eine zutiefst menschliche Geschichte im "Leben, wie es ist"-Genre erleben, mit Nebenrollen, die von den Talenten Rosamund Pike und Dustin Hoffman gespielt werden. Und das ist noch nicht genug. ()


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Englisch Films that try to capture human life often fail to grasp and convey that which is essential, record life milestones, and capture the fateful decisions, successes, and failures of their protagonist. I think Barney's Version succeeded wonderfully thanks to the quality screenplay and above all Paul Giamatti, who managed to embody conviction and humanity in Barney. He evokes understanding where others would provoke outrage, he can move you without cheap sentiment and can make you laugh, and you tend to believe in his passion, naivety, pain, and uncertainty. It is my repeated encounter with Giamatti's character acting when I approvingly give a thumbs up. The film follows the romantic struggles of a man who has had three marriages, and two divorces, and briefly tried out the role of a widower. Amidst all the tumultuous events in his life, he is accompanied by a desire for a fateful great love and finding the ideal partner for a lifetime. The viewer meets Barney during his bohemian period and follows him to a bitter end filled with illness and loneliness. Nevertheless, it is ultimately a positive, optimistic work, which I give an overall impression of 85%. ()



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Englisch Paul Giamatti once again fully showcased his acting talent and did a great job playing the character of Barney, who has a bit of trouble with women, himself, and life. The film constantly balances on the edge between comedy and drama and manages to remain consistently convincing and powerful, delivering a hit at the end. ()


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Englisch A Jewish comedy full of Jewish themes, Jewish practices, and and different Jewish jokes from those that we, as non-Jews, are used to. It’s teeming with Pesachs, Sabbats, and god knows what else, and a number of well-known actors took part in the film. While it is a little incomprehensible to me, this movie will probably have its fans. I am not one of them, though. It was quite boring. ()

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