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Der hart arbeitende Manager Bart Hughes kehrt zu seiner Familie in das elegante Stadthaus zurück, um sich von den Anstrengungen seines Jobs zu erholen. Als seine Frau und die Kinder für ein verlängertes Wochenende verreisen, glaubt Hughes, dass er nicht alleine ist. Hughes ist wie besessen davon, den Eindringling zu töten, den er im Haus nicht finden kann, und verliert langsam seinen Verstand. (TNT Film)


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Deutsch Der zukünftige Robocop versucht in seinem neuen Zuhause, die Nagetiere zu fangen, die sein Leben zur Hölle machen. Diese Ratte ist nämlich nicht nur riesig, sondern auch unerhört listig... Eine sehr gelungene Angelegenheit, die sowohl mit einer anständigen Portion Spannung, einer fast paranoiden Atmosphäre und einer Prise schwarzen Humors aufwarten kann, als auch mit einer fantastischen Kamera, dank der das behaarte Schwein wirklich wie ein Gigant aussieht. Der Abschluss geht dann ein wenig ins Extreme, indem der Held nicht zögert, die Hälfte des Hauses zu demolieren, um seinen Feind zu jagen. Also nichts wie rein in den Film, wenn Sie noch zögern, denn einen besseren Rattenhorror werden Sie wohl kaum finden. ()


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Englisch Very funny. Really, even though the story is pretty insane and I wouldn’t like something similar happening to me, there were times when I laughed out loud, the war of people against mice is just funny. It’s a horror-lite Mousehunt with a monstrously disgusting and evil mouse. PS: The line “You'll regret you furry fucker" should be carved in stone :-D ()



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Englisch Movies in the 80s pitted the human hero against an endlessly bizarre array of enemies, with the disproportionately pissed rat of this film being one of the fairly normal ones – and that's the main problem, too. The film is more or less okay in terms of craftsmanship and doesn't wallow in proudly intentional awkwardness, but is terribly restrained and unimaginative. The heroic and overwhelmingly black-humoured climax thankfully confirms that a genre classification of comedy would be appropriate, and does much to remedy previous lacklustre attempts at creating tension or generating psychological terror. Sorry, but the idea of a knife fight between a grown man and a rat is just a joke, which Cosmatos had time to realize. Weak 3*. ()


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Englisch The animal horror film (or rather black-humour psychodrama) Of Unknown Origin is one of the greatest oddities in its subgenre. The protagonist is a typical 80s yuppie, whose desire to succeed financially at any cost is metaphorically reflected in a determined effort to eliminate an overgrown rat that has moved into his apartment, even at the cost of destroying his luxury home and his marriage in the process. The film hauntingly plays out the surreal disintegration of the protagonist's lifestyle and his cathartic return to the primal state of a man struggling for bare survival. If you want to see the live-action horror version of Tom and Jerry from the director of Rambo II, I highly recommend it. ()


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Englisch At first glance, the plot of the film Of Unknown Origin seems too simple to produce something truly substantial - something that could be genuinely horrifying, something that could captivate and enthrall the audience throughout. However, in the end, it turns out that the creators had a truly good hand, and with the minimum they decided to work with, they crafted a film that is good and capable of instilling fear in you. ()

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