Bubba Ho-tep



When mysterious deaths plague the Shady Rest retirement home, it's up to an aging, cantankerous "Elvis" (Bruce Campbell) and a decrepit and black "JFK" (Ossie Davis) to defeat a 3,000-year-old-Egyptian mummy with a penchant for sucking human souls! Can the King show the world that he can still take care of business? (Verleiher-Text)

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alle Kritiken

Englisch And they say that Elvis Presley was "only" the king of rock and roll and an eternally drugged star. I don't think anyone would have guessed that he lived to an advanced age and in a retirement home fought – with a tumour on his penis – a reanimated, soul-sucking mummy with the help of a black JFK. It all sounds unbelievable, but thanks to the intimate setting, excellent actors and extremely punchy humour, it works almost perfectly. Especially in the second half, the film becomes uniquely entertaining and some of the wisecracks have the potential to become iconic (and they are!). But above all, Bruce Campbell is the FUCKING KING!! 75% ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch Elvis and a black JFK in the ultimate fight against the Egyptian mummy? Why not? An excellent story, sensitive directing, perfect lines and Bruce Campbell on best ever form. The entire movie takes place within the walls of the most horrific place in the world. A nursing home. We leave it only during flashbacks, Elvis’s heroic trip the bridge and at the final confrontation. The “King’s" dark to philosophical ruminations make Bubba-Ho-Tep much more than an inane comedy. And the music. Tyler puts on a seriously good performance. Sorry, man. ()



alle Kritiken

Englisch Bruce strengthens his cult status again. In a completely unprecedented way. This time he isn’t satisfied by his charisma alone, but he also uses his acting skills. A duel between a prostatic (non)Elvis and a Pharaoh mummy set in an old folks’ home? Why ever not? Hundreds of cool lines, Bruce, black JFK, Bruce, truth about the King of Rock’n’Roll and … and of course mainly and above all THE Bruce Campbell. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch Before anything, I should say that this film is more comedy than horror, and quite unbalanced at that (you won’t be overflowing with joy after the ending). The first half delivers mostly childish jokes, while the second relies on expressive comedy and mildly sad humour, with the film’s overall tone fortunately following the vibes of the second half. Bruce Campbell is great, as always, and the insane premise is also worth praise, but I can’t avoid the impression that they could have got a lot more out of it, either going full on or avoiding jokes like the festering growth on Elvis’s manhood. I’m not giving it more than three stars today (that’s what happens when you expect insane horror comedy and what you get instead is a slow film with almost philosophical insight), but that rating might change with time. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch Wow...I've seen a lot of things in my lifetime, but certainly not a black J.F. Kennedy together with Elvis Presley watching an old man wearing a Zorro mask shooting a mummy with a kid’s pistol, walking the corridors of a retirement home. Total madness, not because of the pace and the way the narrative flows slowly thanks to the setting in a retirement home, but thanks to Coscarelli's original ideas, funny characters and situations taken completely ad absurdum. And the best Bruce Campbell role since Ash, the guy was a joy to watch enjoying his part. If this isn’t already a cult classic, it will sure be in the future. The cherry on top is the paraphrasing of JFK’s famous quote: “Ask not what your rest home can do for you. Ask what you can do for your rest home. ()

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