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After an odd 10-week pregnancy, Karen Powell (Diane Lane) gives birth to a healthy, seemingly normal baby boy. But this infant, Jack (Robin Williams), is no ordinary child: Jack's body grows at four times the normal rate. At 10 years old Jack has the appearance of a 40-year-old, including a five o'clock shadow and hairy knuckles. Jack's home-schooling tutor (Bill Cosby) is his only friend until he convinces his parents to let him attend fifth grade at the local public school. At first Jack isn't too popular; the other kids call him "giant" and "freak." But thanks to the encouragement of his teacher (Jennifer Lopez), he keeps trying. Shrewdly, Jack uses his condition to his advantage: playing center for the fifth grade basketball team, buying porno magazines for his new friends, and posing as the school's principal. As Jack's mind grows at the normal rate mentally and emotionally, his body continues to age rapidly. (Verleiher-Text)


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Deutsch Diesen Film habe ich vielleicht schon zwei- oder dreimal in der Vergangenheit gesehen, und er hat in mir einerseits optimistische und andererseits bedrückende Gefühle hinterlassen. Robin Williams passt einfach für die Rolle des Jack, einen besseren Anwärter hätte Coppola nicht finden können. Doch gelungen ist auch die Auswahl der Nebenrollen der Kinder. Mich überrascht die niedrige Bewertung auf FilmBooster, ich denke, rot hat Jack ganz sicher nicht verdient. ()


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Englisch A slightly above average comedy that has its good moments, but also its bad ones. And unfortunately the bad ones are quite prevalent. ()



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Englisch It's somewhat overtly emotional, which bothered me a bit, but Robin William had quite a talent for such silly roles. Coppola doesn't excel much in direction or concept here. It's a bit surprising that there was no consideration given to the fact that an adult among children in a classroom who isn't a teacher might raise concerns for parents regarding potential pedophilia. ()

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