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Dave was recently out of a long-term relationship and eager to restart his romantic life, so he did what most people do: He tried online dating. Liz and Cari were two of his most promising connections, both single moms with winning personalities who helped bring him out of his shell in different ways. It should have been an opportunity for this hard-working, devoted dad to enjoy a second chance at casual romance, but it turned into a twisted love triangle, putting Dave and everyone he cared about at risk. (Netflix)


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Englisch The best true crime of the year so far, with twists and turns that would put even the most convoluted thriller to shame. If it were a movie, few would believe that such a thing could happen, but it's based on true events and it's wild! A mechanic tries online dating, but things take a scary turn as the woman he meets is a proper psychopath! Women can be such bitches and the police do an extremely bad job here. At 90 minutes, it has a great pace and fans of true crime and thrillers shouldn't hesitate. ()

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