Das alte finstere Haus

  • Großbritannien The Old Dark House (mehr)


Tom Poston, Robert Morley, Janette Scott, Fenella Fielding, and Joyce Grenfell star in The Old Dark House, a riotously funny horror-comedy from director William Castle. When American salesman Tom delivers a car to a remote Dartmoor mansion, he becomes stranded overnight along with the eccentric Femm family. As the feuding relatives begin to kill other off over their inheritance, Tom must survive until dawn. (Powerhouse Films)


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Englisch The film The Old Dark House is quite a successful piece that Castle prepared for us, but it's not a miraculous work. After all, it lacks some better moments, especially horror moments. But if you want a light horror-comedy spectacle, you definitely can't go wrong. There are moments when you genuinely enjoy yourself, plus the acting is quite theatrical, which fits well here. ()

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