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Eat the Night

POMOEat the Night(2024) 

Deutsch Ein Krimi aus dem europäischen Milieu, wie Refns Pusher, nur mit jüngeren Gangstern, einer schwulen Beziehung zwischen den Hauptfiguren und mit der Schwester des Haupthelden, die den Film führt. Die Verbindung des Films mit dem RPG-Spiel, das für sie und ihren Bruder ein alternatives Leben bedeutet, ist überraschend konzeptionell und verleiht ihm eine originelle Dimension und Drive. Die bewaffnete Heldin im Spiel ist das Alter Ego der Schwester und vervollständigt ihre realen emotionalen Zustände. Die häufigen Schnitte des Spiels mit dem dramatischen Geschehen im Film sind auch eine Parallele zum Verständnis der Realität durch die Augen von Teenagern, die sich der Ernsthaftigkeit des kriminellen Handelns (Herstellung und Verkauf von Drogen) nicht voll bewusst sind. Der Inhalt des Films spiegelt die junge kreative Hand der Drehbuchautorin und Regisseurin Caroline Poggi wider, neben der ihre Kreativität und ihr Gefühl für ein ungewöhnliches Erzählen umso mehr hervorstechen. [Cannes FF]

The Shrouds

POMOThe Shrouds(2024) 

Deutsch Die Halbschwester von Crimes of the Future, dieses Mal in der realen Gegenwart angesiedelt und mehr auf Hightech und Gadgets ausgerichtet. Der elegante Vincent Cassel in einem Tesla, Szenen mit seiner verstorbenen, vernarbten Frau Diane Kruger nach einer Amputation, ihrer lebenden und gesunden Schwester Diane Kruger, die Cassels verwitweten Schwager verführt, fortschrittliche VIP-Friedhöfe mit Videoüberwachungssystemen für die Toten, eine mögliche politische Verschwörung Russlands und Chinas, die diese Systeme missbrauchen... usw. Noch nicht genug? Cronenberg möchte wieder einmal einen Mystery-Krimi präsentieren – mit toller Atmosphäre, einzigartigen Ideen, geheimnisvoll klingenden wissenschaftlichen Begriffen, die niemand versteht, und intimem Sex mit einem Hauch von Bizarrerie. Und natürlich mit einer absurden Handlungsentwicklung um alle Figuren, die furchtbar ernst aussieht, aber unter der Oberfläche nur eine zarte Fantasy-Erfindung eines verängstigten Kindes ist. Nach dem lahmen Beifall von über tausend Journalisten zu urteilen, gibt es nicht mehr viele von uns, die das tolerieren. [Cannes FF]

Man Down

EvilPhoEniXMan Down(2015) 

Englisch Pretty much about nothing. Shia Labeouf isn’t downright bad, but the film drags unbelievably and has nothing to hold your attention. Jai Courtney and Gary Oldman don't have much space here, there’s only one action scene and very short, the suspense is zero. I didn't like it at all. Only the last 5 minutes and the last three sentences are interesting. I prefer silly but entertaining films to slow, boring and depressing ones. 35%

I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore

EvilPhoEniXI Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore(2017) 

Englisch An enjoyable new flick with a Coen touch and Elijah Wood in another weird role. I'm glad to see that Elijah Wood from Lord of the Rings is true to the horror/thriller genre, these roles really suit him. The film is almost sarcastically funny from the start and is full of dark humour, which is definitely a treat. Although the detective plot is fairly simple, the film is full of unexpected surprises and manages to shock nicely at times. In the end, the film almost becomes a slasher and kicks off a properly brutal spectacle that is powerfully intense and rightly apt to the previous innocent hour. Great relaxing entertainment that manages to surprise and delight. Story 7/10, Atmosphere 6/10, Gore 6/10, Visuals 7/10, Action 6/10, Suspense 3/10, Humour 7/10. Entertainment 7/10, Scares 0/10.75%

Logan: The Wolverine

EvilPhoEniXLogan: The Wolverine(2017) 

Englisch Definitely the most brutal, raw and darkest comic-book movie ever made. The desert to western vibe is absolutely fantastic, the bad guys are cool, and Wolverine and X23 pair up and tear apart anything that comes to hand. The action is perfect in every way and the quality of the gore is top notch. The scene with the black men in the building is one of the most atmospheric scenes in recent memory and the finale is literally breathtaking. It's a bit of a shame that it's not a very adrenaline-fuelled ride, in places the pace is really more sedate, especially before the finale the director had his foot on the brake, and the humour is also in short supply for a comic-book movie, but the atmosphere and the hard R-rating make up for it perfectly. This year I really don't want to compile a top list, since it's only March and there are already three contenders for the top spot. 90%

Ganz weit hinten

EvilPhoEniXGanz weit hinten(2013) 

Englisch A very enjoyable, sincere, touching and entertaining film that everyone should see. One slap of me for not seeing it until today. Sam Rockwell was tailor made for the role and was absolutely divine. Of the female cast, except for the cute neighbor, they were all cows. The introverted main character played it brilliantly as well. Definitely one of the best coming of age affairs to watch. 80%



Englisch The first Korean disappointment of the year. A film made for the Korean audience, it's probably hard for us Czechs to relate to the story of how a little boy gradually became one of the best prosecutors in Korea. Personally, I don't find the material attractive at all and in the space of two hours and 10 minutes it sounds really boring in places. There is perhaps only one action scene and it is over before you notice that there is any action at all. Two stars for the traditional nice visuals and decent acting. I liked Woo-seong Jeong here as well, but it's not even enough for three stars. Unfortunately. 40%.



Englisch The year 2017 will literally go down in history in the action genre because, already at the beginning of the year, we have the best action movie from the US in the last 10 Years (John Wick 2), the best Comic Book movie (Logan), and now the most brutal movie not just from Asia in the last maybe 10 years (Headshot). What about Boyka? Anyway, what Tjahjanto and Stamboel are doing is literally a miracle. A hell of a lot value for money. From the beginning the film picks up an incredible action inferno that doesn't let up until the end, there’s no unnecessary bullshit, it goes non-stop! This really is one of the most brutal films of recent times, a very sick, sleazy and dirty flick that is not pleasant to watch in places. I shed a few tears, sweated like after ten hours of sex and screamed through the whole house wondering if the walls would crack. Iko Uwais gets a good beating for perhaps the first time, so much so that he has to use a shotgun, a knife and a machete at times to take out his opponents, because every single one of his opponents knows at least three kinds of martial arts and they don't play fair. There is perhaps not a single 1 vs 10 fight, everything is 1v1, which is definitely a positive. Anyway, the first clean fight without weapons only appears in the finale, which again takes your breath away in a 5 minute fight with the main mafia that definitely deserves a position in the TOP 5 fights of all time (but the finale The Raid 2 is obviously not surpassed). One of those action movies that doesn't just grab the action fan by the balls, but rips them right off and eats them! Nerds, Steven Seagal fans, non Asia fans and 90's B-movie enthusiasts please back off. You don't even deserve to see this. Everyone else is welcome. Oh, and Julie Estelle is probably the sexiest woman who can wield a knife. 100%

Bridget Jones' Baby

EvilPhoEniXBridget Jones' Baby(2016) 

Englisch At first I ignored this film, but the label of the best comedy of last year did catch my attention and I don't regret it. Even without knowing the previous episodes, I enjoyed this one and laughed a lot. It's a more mature comedy with more intelligent humor and very solid lines that I remember even an hour after the screening. Enjoyable fun and relaxing, I like this. 85%.



Englisch I expected much more from the director of the excellent Cold Eyes and Korea's biggest star of the moment, Byeong-heon Lee, and the other actors are among the stars. The problem with me is mainly in the plot, because watching almost two and a half hours of the biggest scam in Korea taking place is not very attractive to me. I enjoyed one fight in a tunnel in the middle of the film, which was typically brisk for the Korean style, and the action-packed final shootout also had something to it, but overall rather boring unfortunately. At least the finale pulls the film up to a better three stars, otherwise it would have been a dismal 2. 55%

Der unsichtbare Gast

EvilPhoEniXDer unsichtbare Gast(2016) 

Englisch The Spaniards are back and in form again! When I say Spanish filmmaking I automatically think of gems like Sleep Tight, The Hidden Face, Wild Tales, The Body, Julia’s Eyes, The Skin I Live In, and there are of course more, but these representatives are the most important and after today I can add The Invisible Guest. I won't give anything away about the plot, so as not to spoil the experience, because there are countless twists and turns in the film, only in the final 20 minutes there are about five, and the final one literally took my breath away, I watched in disbelief with my mouth open as the Spaniards screwed me over decently again. Despite the slower pace I enjoyed this film and the unpredictability of the plot is indeed its main strength. 80%



Englisch An enjoyable fun tale that mixes two phenomena together, namely singing TV competitions and animals, which have been building their strong anime base lately. It's modern, funny and nicely suspenseful. The animation is solid, the songs are mainstream but well sung, and the characters of each animal are more than passable. 80%.

Amateur Night

EvilPhoEniXAmateur Night(2016) 

Englisch Average American comedy with Jason Biggs and three hookers at a wild party. It's quite nice to watch, you get a few laughs, the movie goes by quickly and the girls are smart. But that's it. For one viewing ok. 60%.

Wo die wilden Menschen jagen

EvilPhoEniXWo die wilden Menschen jagen(2016) 

Englisch A fairly enjoyable film starring a great Sam Neill and an interesting obese brat who performed more than convincingly. A big upside is the New Zealand scenery, which is literally a treat for the eye, and I also praise the perfect scene with the huge wild pig. There is less humour, but it's nice to watch, still I don't feel like 4*.

Good Kids - Apfelkuchen war gestern

EvilPhoEniXGood Kids - Apfelkuchen war gestern(2016) 

Englisch An enjoyable teen comedy similar to American Pie. I expect from these movies only a portion of fun and a triple combo (party, drugs, sex) and I think Good Kids delivers in this respect. A story about four nerds who are graduating high school and want to experience their first and last high school party with some of that "relief". The main character has a decent run after the first notch and I was quite envious of his role as a tennis coach, not many people are really that lucky. Good choice for those who want to switch off and and nostalgically reminisce about the old days. 75%



Englisch The film reminds me more of The Big Short than The Wolf of Wall Street. It wasn't a bad film, Matthew McConaughey's performance is excellent and the overall idea is definitely intriguing, towards the end there is the expected stuffiness and trouble and only then does the film start to get interesting. For one viewing ok. 60%.

xXx 3: Die Rückkehr des Xander Cage

EvilPhoEniXxXx 3: Die Rückkehr des Xander Cage(2017) 

Englisch Quite bullshit, this is. Quite star-studded, but the potential was buried somewhere in the Cayman Islands. xXx is pretty much over the top with its action, even for me, and it’s not that well filmed. The cinematography is very abrupt and the editing spoils more or less all the action scenes. Tony Jaa is perhaps in his most unlikeable role ever and Donnie Yen was okay with the final action where he had a bit of a chance to show off. Vin Diesel didn't really entertain me (the guy can only act in FF, he sucks everywhere else) and that left my favourite Ruby Rose, who is as perversely attractive here as she was in John Wick 2. A small plus for the music and cameos by more familiar faces, otherwise weak. 50%



Englisch A very enjoyable comedy about two mature sisters who throw a party like they did when they were young and invite all their former school friends. The party lasts almost an hour and it's the biggest party since Project X, no drugs or alcohol are wasted here, too bad the sex wasn't so sweet. The biggest surprise is John Cena in the form of a drug dealer who had in his briefcase just about every substance ever made by any chemist. I laughed and had a great time. 75%



Englisch A pretty gritty, raw and unpleasant crime drama full of drugs, prostitutes and Albanian gorillas you do not want to have anything to do with. This film is not exactly my cup of tea and at two hours running time I got bored a few times, but once it came to slicing the bread there was plenty to watch. Brutal as fuck in places for which thumbs up for the filmmakers' courage. 65%.

Vive la France - gesprengt wird später

EvilPhoEniXVive la France - gesprengt wird später(2013) 

Englisch A pretty funny parody of terrorism in the style of Borat. The idea is novel and certain jokes are definitely worth it. The main duo were good and the attractive lady accompanying them was very snappy. Good fun. 65%