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Die Nachtclubsängerin Yolanda Bell (Cristina Sánchez Pascual) flüchtet nach dem Herointod ihres Freundes auf der Suche nach Ruhe und innerer Einkehr in ein Frauenkloster. Dort aber ist nicht so, wie man es sich erwarten dürfte. Denn die kleine Schar der dort lebenden Nonnen,draunter Schwester Straßenratte und Schwester Chaos, frönt ausnahmslos äußerst exzentrische Lastern. Die rätselhafteste von allen aber ist die Oberin (Julieta Serrano) selbst: drogenabhängig, lesbisch und hoffnungslos in Yolanda verliebt. (Tobis)


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Englisch If I didn't know the director's name, I would be convinced that this was a late film by Luis Buñuel, as it has the same choice of subject and directorial style. Pedro Almodóvar, like Buñuel, has a distinct relationship with the Catholic Church and its outdated dogmas, and the director shows the gradual erosion of the church community through the story of several nuns in a crumbling monastery and a singer who has compelling reasons to hide from the police, even in a monastic sanctuary. Party-loving nuns, a priest's romantic infatuation with one of the sisters, very worldly desires of women dressed in black habits, religious visions induced by LSD, and the imprint of a made-up beauty's face as a religious symbol reminiscent of a similar relic of Jesus Christ's image on a shroud all help create Almodóvar's entertaining journey into Catholic modernity. Interesting camera work, traditionally good casting, and impressive acting performances. Pop culture combined with religion creates an attractive and slightly provocative contrast. Overall impression: 80%. ()

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