Der Broadway-Regisseur Zach (Michael Douglas) castet Tänzer für eine Supportgruppe eines großen Musicals. Nachdem eine Riesenmenge an Kandidaten aussortiert ist, verbleiben noch sechzehn Tänzer, von denen Zach aber nur acht brauchen kann. Einer nach dem anderen versucht mit seinen Tanzkünsten zu beeindrucken, doch Zach zwingt sie ins Rampenlicht, um etwas von sich zu erzählen. Was also ist nötig, um diesen Job zu erhalten? (Columbia TriStar Film)


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Englisch Nothing new for the musical genre and, at the same time, incredibly boring. Watching a group of people auditioning for the role of their dreams for two hours doesn't interest me at all, because apart from a few clichéd storylines, we don't get any justification for their efforts (of course, except for trying to get a job). Richard Attenborough ruined it with this tactic, when all it would have taken would have been to choose more likable actors and, above all, incorporate something like a plot into the script. ()


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Englisch The main benefit of this musical set in a competition for a new Broadway musical is the very decent choreography. Unfortunately, it doesn't reach the quality of the best musical pieces, such as West Side Story, Singin' in the Rain, or Cabaret. In particular, a comparison with Fosse's All That Jazz springs to mind, who literally overshadowed Richard Attenborough. West Side Story triumphs thanks to its more prominent music. while All That Jazz with its script and the performances. A Chorus Line is undoubtedly slightly above average, but there's a lack of a melody that would stick in my memory and which I would later hum or notable vocal performances. By the way, unlike the choreographer and director portrayed by Michael Douglas, I would probably choose differently. Overall impression: 70%. ()



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Englisch The beginning is buzzing with such energy that after a short while it is absolutely clear that the creators can’t keep it up for the whole movie. And they can’t. But it doesn’t matter at all, because even after the initial mass auditions, it is still a good movie. As long they someone’s speaking, dancing and playing, it has something about it. The problem begins when it’s time for the singing. Because most of the songs are pointless. They tell us almost nothing about the different people attending the audition and they are all sort of “going nowhere". Most, but luckily not all, because there are even a couple of numbers that work excellently in that way. And praise is due also for Michael Douglas whose performance of charismatic Zach has a bravado unique to him, despite the fact that he doesn’t get up from his place at the microphone for the entire movie. A Chorus Line is a very entertaining musical that paradoxically would benefit from more talking and less singing. ()

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