• USA Lucifer
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Fantasy / Mystery / Komödie
USA, (2016–2021), 72 h 44 min (Minutenlänge: 42–66 min)


Tom Kapinos


Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Scarlett Estevez, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Tricia Helfer, Kayla Ewell (mehr)
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Lucifer ist mit seinem Leben in der Hölle unglücklich. Deshalb gibt er seinen Thron auf und gründet in Los Angeles zusammen mit der dämonischen Barkeeperin Mazikeen den Nachtklub "Lux". Sein Verlangen, Schuldige zu bestrafen, hat er jedoch nicht verloren, weswegen er regelmäßig Detective Chloe Decker mit seinen übernatürlichen Fähigkeiten hilfreich zur Seite steht. Sein Bruder Engel Amenadiel versucht unterdessen alles, um Lucifer in die Hölle zurückzuholen. (ProSieben)


Nutzerkritik Necrotongue zur diesen Serie (58)

Season 1 (2016) (S01) 

Englisch Season 1 was pretty good. It does have a lot of weaker moments and, despite its supernatural elements, it's just another variation on the responsible cop vs. undisciplined civilian theme, but I had a decent time anyway. It's a relaxing show that isn’t supposed to be intellectually exhausting, but it certainly isn't boring and offers a decent portion of funny moments and one-liners. ()

Die teuflische Auszeit (2016) (S01E01) 

Englisch I really enjoyed the pilot. His devilish majesty takes a break and decides to spend it in Los Angeles. I already found it quite entertaining, but he also gets involved in murder investigations. Tom Ellis is perfect for the lead role, so in the first episode, the only thing that bothered me was the completely understandable black angel, not because of his skin color, but because of his tragic acting performance. ()

Der Teufel in Therapie (2016) (S01E02) 

Englisch The second episode reminded me a little bit of the TV show Castle, only here the investigator is not annoyed by a writer but by the Devil. I was amused by the scene with the street preacher, Lucifer's warm relationship with children, and especially his interaction with the therapist, which made me laugh the most. 4*- . ()

Eifersucht und Erpressung (2016) (S01E03) 

Englisch "I enjoyed the third episode mainly because of how the main 'hero' tried to deal with the identity thief, because pretending to be Lucifer Morningstar is dishonest and unsportsmanlike after all. I was also intrigued by how the antagonist from the pilot episode ended up. Yeah, you really shouldn't provoke a snake with bare feet." ()

Der Höhlenmensch im Manne (2016) (S01E04) 

Englisch In the fourth episode, there was an improvement again, the breakfast surprise was perfect. I enjoyed Lucifer's frustration with Chloe and her zero reactions to his charm. I would just recommend to women who have recently had a shoulder piercing not to wear dresses with exposed shoulders. It could attract unwanted attention. ()

Das Duell der Künstler (2016) (S01E05) 

Englisch I enjoyed the fifth episode a lot, there was more humor, and if Mazikeen didn't interfere in everything, Lucifer would probably have figured out how he stands with immortality. The fifth part made me laugh the most so far, even though they killed Pig Diddy, those rascals. ()

Der gefallene Engel (2016) (S01E06) 

Englisch I would rate the sixth episode as the best so far. It had a decent amount of humor, a high-quality plot, and it became extremely personal for Lucifer. The icing on the cake was the casting of Tom Sizemore, he always pleases me. ()

Tödlicher Seitensprung (2016) (S01E08) 

Englisch In the eighth episode, the disruption of the surface was taken care of, among others, by Malcolm, who returned from the "other side". I enjoyed Lucifer with his manipulation, thanks to which the character of Linda got more space, and that's good because I already liked Rachael Harris in Suits. ()

Lucifer und der Pater (2016) (S01E09) 

Englisch The ninth episode was the weakest for me so far. Lucifer was disgustingly indulgent, overall there was too much playing with emotions here, and even though the theme is clear from the title of the series, there was already too much glorification of the Almighty for me. ()

Mord nach Rezept (2016) (S01E10) 

Englisch I almost gave it five stars, I was so happy with the improvement compared to the previous installment. And maybe I would have given them anyway, but the touching solution to the mother-daughter relationship doesn't really appeal to me. I was rather amused by Mazikeen in therapy and how she found her first friend. ()

Der heilige Lucifer (2016) (S01E11) 

Englisch Once again, it was one of the more entertaining episodes of the morning "Walk of Shame," ranging from Lucifer's paradoxical enthusiasm for doing good, Mazikeen's activities in angelic matters, to the revelation of the Devil's kryptonite. Oh, and I almost forgot, a murder investigation was also conducted. ()

#TeamLucifer (2016) (S01E12) 

Englisch Excellent, another successful episode. And it was such a good plan. Events are spiraling out of Amenadiel's control, that old issue with the goat is annoying Lucifer, and everything is picking up speed like a runaway train. ()

Season 2 (2016) (S02) 

Englisch Season 2 surprised me, I was expecting the quality to drop after the first season, but it stayed on the same level. It's still a relaxing show that I can have fun with while letting 70% of my brain cells rest. The characters of Lucifer and Mazikeen are in the lead, with Linda following close behind, and the rest far behind. ()

Versteckte Gefahren (2016) (S02E01) 

Englisch The first part of the second season pleased me. It's still the funny relaxation I don't have to think too much about and can enjoy in peace. In the first half of the previous series, the character Amenadiel was getting on my nerves, but in the second half, he was fine, and thankfully it stayed that way, so I have no reason to be dissatisfied. ()

Monster (2016) (S02E06) 

Englisch I enjoyed this episode, but I have to admit that I would rate it much lower if Lucifer had played Candle in the Wind during his moment of sadness. Luckily, he chose The Unforgiven and the episode was saved. Halloween with Mazikeen contributed greatly to it as well, it was great. ()

Mein kleines Äffchen (2016) (S02E07) 

Englisch Linda is a clear example that people should not ask for truly honest answers if they cannot handle them. For example, an honest answer to the question: "Is the meat excellent, is it beef?" can ruin the magic of the moment. Well, it's up to personal preference. ()

Freunde helfen einander (2016) (S02E09) 

Englisch The ninth episode confirms everything I think about this series - it's not groundbreaking, but I can't get bored of it because the script is well-written and the humor is not awkward, but on the contrary, it works fine. And because I enjoy it, I have no reason to give it a worse rating. ()

Ich lüge nicht (2016) (S02E10) 

Englisch This time I had to go for a five-star rating because Lucifer was an amazing witness for the prosecution and Mazikeen handled everything else that mattered brilliantly. I've always been more of a fan of demons than angels (except for the fallen ones), so I had to be satisfied, even if I didn't want to. ()

Stewardess Interruptus (2017) (S02E11) 

Englisch I don't know if Lucifer had his moment with Chloe, but the eleventh episode had several of them. One of them was the gathering of Lucifer's "exes" and fan number one, the second was the realization that just because nobody wants to have a drink with you after a murder doesn't mean you're not amazing, and the third was Mazekeen undercover. ()

Ein guter Tag zum Sterben (2017) (S02E13) 

Englisch I understand that the plot of the thirteenth episode doesn't allow for frequent use of humor, but in my opinion, there was a little too much emphasis on emotions. However, to not just criticize, I have to say that Linda was great again. ()