Following on the heels of the surprisingly successful FOUR DAUGHTERS, FOUR WIVES picks right up where the last one left off and sees the daughters of Lemp family patriarch Rains bearing children and finding a new husband for tragically widowed sister Lane. (The suicidal hubbie was played by Garfield in the first film; he reappears in this one as a ghost.) Priscilla Lane discovers that she is expecting the late Garfield's baby, however, and this sours her on noble Lynn's proposal of marriage. Meanwhile, sister Page is shocked to hear that she can't have children, Lola Lane adopts a kid and then gets pregnant with twins, and Rosemary Lane eventually gets married to Albert. All works out for Priscilla when she gives premature birth to her baby and its life is saved by the still-noble Lynn, who volunteers to give the kid a blood transfusion. This endears him to the mama, and they elope. (Verleiher-Text)