When the moon is full, a murderer stalks the streets of New York. The trail of carnage seems to lead to a mad scientist (Lionel Atwill) who conducts grisly experiments under the roof of his surgical research laboratory. Lee Taylor (Lee Tracey), a canny journalist, tries to unravel the mystery before the killer can strike again.Atwill gives a skin-crawling performance as Doctor Xavier, the one-armed wacko who has discovered a synthetic flesh that he uses to create body parts. Fay Wray is delightfully naive as Joanne Xavier, the lab boss's daughter (and the reporter's heartthrob). Michael Curtiz (CASABLANCA) directed this gripping whodunit--based on the play by Howard W. Comstock and Allen C. Miller--that strikes a thrilling balance between comedy and horror. Making classic use of high-contrast lighting, intricate sets, and a pioneering two-color Technicolor process, DOCTOR X is packed with atmosphere and visual inventiveness. (Verleiher-Text)