Three tales of horrific suspense. In "Julie," an aggressive college student seduces and ultimately blackmails his seemingly shy English professor. In "Millicent and Therese," two polar-opposite sisters become increasingly hell-bent on the undoing of one another. And in "Amelia," a woman falls prey to a murderous Zuni fetish doll. (Verleiher-Text)


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alle Kritiken

Englisch Sure, you could say that these stories are not very unoriginal anymore, but they definitely have their charm, they have their atmosphere, which is - if not downright scary - very unpleasant. For example what a student does with a teacher. It's not very graphic, which is a bit of a shame on the one hand, but you definitely wouldn't want to experience this yourself. The third story is excellent, and the duel with the statue and the point of the story are both excellent. ()

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