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In der Verfilmung des Broadway-Bühnenhits „Philadelphia Story“ treffen mit Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart und Cary Grant drei der großen, unvergessenen Stars des Showbusiness aufeinander: Die turbulente Komödie um einen verlassenen Ehemann (Cary Grant), einen zukünftigen Bräutigam (John Howard) und einen unermüdlichen Nebenbuhler besticht durch glänzende Dialoge und rabiaten Humor. Da alle der hinreißend-verrückten Katharine Hepburn verfallen sind und sich gute Chancen versprechen, bleibt bis zum Ende unklar, wer sie zum Traualtar führen wird… denn in dieser rasant durchkomponierten Komödie ist grundsätzlich alles Unmögliche möglich – außer Langeweile. (Verleiher-Text)


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Englisch An amazing movie where two of the greatest actors of their time come together, along with one of the most incredible actresses in the entire history. Grant and Stewart are simply amazing, and the way Jimmy Stewart sometimes speaks, with such cadence, is captivating. Cary Grant is more relaxed this time, but that doesn't matter at all because they complement each other just as wonderfully as Katharine Hepburn complements them. An excellent ride that can always make a person smile. ()


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Englisch A delightful and VERY brisk comedy, which was supposed to cement Katharine Hepburn's position as a budding film superstar. She's imminent here, but I was more entertained by the irresistible goofball James Stewart, his cute diction and body language, as if he's always wanting to apologize for what he's actually doing, and when he's hitting on Hepburn, you want to pat him on the head like a big brother :) The only problem I had (and not only here) was with Cary Grant and his single acting stance. I never considered him much of an actor, but he always worked reliably as a magnet for women, so his limited register must not have bothered him. ()



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Englisch The Philadelphia Story lies halfway between a madcap screwball comedy and a sophisticatedly humorous romance with a thrilling pace. Thanks to the film’s dynamic direction (numerous point-of-view and detail shots, precise choreography of the actors and alternation of settings in accordance with the transformation of the characters and the relationships between them), the beautiful and rich, but far from perfect people practically never slow down for two hours. As a capable and confident woman (whom Cukor liked to give extra space), Katharine Hepburn perfectly complements both of her partners, who were also Hollywood’s biggest stars at the time. Before the film’s premiere, however, Hepburn was considered to be an element that rather repelled viewers with her presence (which was due in part to the bland roles assigned to her). Salvation came to her in the form of a stage play written especially for her by Phillip Barry. Therefore, the loosely autobiographical role of a spoiled heiress who has to learn tolerance and respect for other people can be understood as a reaction to the impression of coldness and inaccessibility that she made on viewers (in other words, she did not try to please them, unlike other actresses). She ensured that the play would be transferred to film as faithfully as possible by buying the rights to it (with financial assistance from Howard Hughes) and choosing the cast and crew herself. In addition to Cukor, Grant and Stewart, the all-star team also included legendary production designer Cedric Gibbons, who received the same number of Oscars in his lifetime as Ben-Hur and Titanic. The success of the original Broadway play and the superbly written and acted film based on it greatly helped Hepburn’s career and The Philadelphia Story became a timeless classic thanks to the fact that, among other things and contrary to the conventions of today, it is a romantic comedy that is funny due to what we see and not only because of what we hear. 85% ()

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