Die junge Ärztin Susan Wheeler will herausfinden, wieso an ihrem Krankenhaus immer wieder Patienten nach einem harmlosen Routineeingriff ins Koma fallen und sterben. Ihre Recherchen stoßen bei den Mitarbeitern auf wenig Gegenliebe, doch Susan lässt sich nicht aufhalten und kommt einem ertragreichen Organhandel auf die Spur. Der Täter ist aber nicht bereit, so leicht aufzugeben. (TNT Film)


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Englisch Paranoia is just an alternative state of mind: this sentence applies to the thinking of the main character without exception. She exchanges peaceful functioning as a doctor in a respected hospital for inventing conspiracy theories and dabbling in the craft of private detectives. However, she soon becomes convinced of the truth of another maxim: just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you. I am usually distrustful of conspiracy theories and outright dismissive of those who present me with stories of this kind. But I must admit one thing - the film is made at a high level of craftsmanship, with a sense of atmosphere and careful dosing of tension. It is probably the imaginary peak of thematically related productions. Overall impression: 75%. ()


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Englisch A classic of mysterious conspiracies. Nothing groundbreaking or shocking, just a very well made hospital thriller with a good cast and a fair portion of tension (being followed by the killer or the security guard in the hospital corridors). Unfortunately, the “main” villain is very soon and easily revealed – for anyone who has ever seen similar thrillers. 70% ()



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Englisch The American movie Coma has a wonderful atmosphere that builds up and gets more intense throughout the course of the movie. The viewers can not be sure what is really going on and what the problem is until after some time. Then, the paranoia sets in, and they can not be sure which one of the characters they can trust anymore. This atmosphere and suspense permeate the movie until the end. Then you finally get the ending you have been almost itching for. Plus, you get the added bonus of Ed Harris and Tom Selleck in a couple of smaller roles. ()

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