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Leutnant John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) lässt sich 1863 an die äußerste Grenze der Zivilisation an einen einsamen Posten im Indianergebiet versetzen. Er will den Wilden Westen erleben, bevor es ihn nicht mehr gibt. Einsamkeit und die Angst vor den Sioux prägen seinen Alltag, doch die Indianer nehmen ihn in ihren Kreis auf und geben ihm den Namen „Der mit dem Wolf tanzt".  Der scheinbare Friede hat jedoch ein abruptes Ende, als die Armee den „Indianerfreund" aufspürt… (Winkler Film)


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Englisch Kevin Costner excelled in 1990 with serious genius, when he was able to direct and mostly act in something like this, his best film. John Barry composed one of the best soundtracks of all time, and the script was also top-notch. All the Oscars are well-deserved, and a touching ending. An epic masterpiece that defined modern westerns. ()


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Englisch I approached this film with some contempt, western is my least favourite genre and the three hour runtime wasn’t very attractive, either, and that’s why Dance With Wolves surprised me so much – pleasantly, of course. Brilliant story, nice music, the events flow swiftly and in the end I wouldn’t have believed it was so long. To put it simply, a very good movie. ()



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Englisch A true cinematic delight with all the trimmings. Kevin Costner might never make another film, but this wonderful adventure makes him an immortal director for me. I purposely reserved Dances With Wolves for my 1000th rating, and as you can see, I couldn't have chosen better. This three-hour story about the most important things – friendship, understanding and devotion – is a shining example of real human nature that is limited by greed, cruelty and the lust for power. I have probably never felt so eager to intervene in the action as when the soldiers were shooting at a defenseless and trusting wolf. I think few films have deserved to cash in all the 12 Oscar nominations as much as Dances With Wolves. ()


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Englisch I had long avoided the three-hour version on TV, so I went straight to the four-hour version the first time. And I must say, this is a film that grabs you by the heart, a film that makes you realize that human society is simply tragic and that it has destroyed so much, just because it wanted to, that it brings you to tears. Great acting and a wonderful presentation of a world that no longer exists. ()


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Englisch One of the essential genre films in the western category, which led to the revival of this genre and marked the artistic peak for the acting star Kevin Costner, who also did well as the director. The film significantly differs from the western classics dealing with the lives of cowboys and selling the romance of tough guys and the uncompromising battle between good and evil. Costner focuses on the clash of two civilizations, where the weaker one must unwillingly give way to the white settlers, who have industry and modern science behind them. For decades, Native Americans have been portrayed in westerns as bloodthirsty bandits and primitives, Costner turns this view upside down and becomes the spokesperson for the more intellectually inclined part of today's America, which feels a sense of guilt for the disruption of the original indigenous culture. His perspective is, of course, idealized and essentially biased, as the Indian side also acted pragmatically and violated agreements of both a local character and those made with the American government whenever the opportunity arose. On both sides, people were striving for compromise and coexistence, and there were also opportunists. The progress of white civilization to the West and the emergence of today's USA had no historical alternative. Dances with Wolves is influenced by the then-popular ideology of multiculturalism, but despite all this, it is an extraordinary film that beautifully sells American nature, the romance of the wilderness, and life in harmony with it. It has excellent casting and corresponding acting performances, and it works with human emotions in a great way. It is simply impossible not to root for the character's transformation and his fight for personal happiness and the salvation of the tribe. Overall impression: 100%. ()

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