Die Verfluchten - Der Untergang des Hauses Usher

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Philip Winthrop liebt Madeline Usher. Doch deren wahnsinniger Bruder Sir Roderick hält das Geschlecht der Familie Usher für verflucht. Um die Hochzeit zu verhindern, beerdigt er seine Schwester bei lebendigem Leib - und bringt den Untergang des Hauses Usher dabei erst so richtig in Gang. (explosive Media)

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Deutsch Das ein Jahr später gedrehte Geschwisterteil Das Pendel des Todes, das eine sehr ähnliche Handlungsprämisse hat, war geheimnisvoller und spannender und sein Ende hatte eine bessere Steigerung. Aber die Ausstattung, die Kostüme und die Schauspieler*innen sind wieder toll. ()


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Englisch One of Roger Corman’s best horror films, but nothing to write home about. It looks beautiful, but there’s not much happening, unfortunately. Thumbs certainly up anyway. 75 % ()



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Englisch I love the atmosphere of huge and gloomy houses, where a dark secret could be hiding behind every door. So when the unsuspecting Philip arrived at the House of Usher and the soft voice of Vincent Price as Roderick spoke for the first time, I purred with delight. When the master of the house grandly announced for the second time that the newcomer had no idea what was happening in the house, I glanced at my watch and thought it was about time that the supposedly terrifying "something" could show itself already. And yet as the story progressed solely through everyday plot twists followed by verbose dialogues, I realized that not every suspenseful story can be made into a gripping film. At least a well-graduated ending can offer breathtaking moments like the "hugely suspenseful scene full of evil faces in the paintings." It's not exactly disappointing, but it's difficult to find a pronounced surprise in the House of Usher. ()


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Englisch A traditionally charismatic Vincent Price with his unmistakable, delicious delivery. Beautiful, intimate stylization. Unlike other Corman movies, this one even follows the book it’s based on. Which, paradoxically, was a huge mistake. This excellent tale by Poe just doesn’t have what it takes to fill the entire eighty-minute running time. And so the story-making places are filled with Philip Winthrop endlessly roaming the Usher’s family home. He walks and walks, then talks with Roderick or some butler and then he walks and walks again, and if the movie hadn’t ended, he would still be walking to this day... ()

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