Junganwalt Rudy Baylor übernimmt den Fall eines an Leukämie erkrankten Gleichaltrigen aus mittelloser Familie, dessen Versicherung sich weigert, die lebensrettende Therapie zu bezahlen. Da der Patient während der Verhandlungen stirbt, ist Rudy erst recht motiviert, die üblen Machenschaften des Konzerns zu entlarven. (StudioCanal Deutschland)

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Englisch Perhaps no subgenre is as perfectly cliché in American audiovisual culture as so-called legal or courtroom dramas. It could be said that nothing new can be invented anymore, and screenwriters are trying increasingly crazier situations, conflicts, and resolutions, all with the understanding that despite the complexity of the plot, this type of film usually has a standard and predictable ending. Various series had the most impact on this decline, as they squeezed the genre to death. Standing out from this flood is the cast, a certain sobriety, and a humanistic message. This is a sincere film that may not surprise you - it actually doesn't have much to surprise with, but it is a film that will stay in your memory, is professionally shot, and actually says quite a lot about the system it criticizes. I'm adding a fifth star for the central acting duo of Matt Damon and Danny DeVito. Overall impression: 90%. ()


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Englisch And old-school genre film that does not evoke as much emotion and enthusiasm due to the ageing syndrome – many of the things that were trendy back then are different today. I am referring primarily to the archetypal character style of the mafia lawyer Mickey Rourke. But the film’s most captivating aspect is the acting, where the main drive is Jon Voight playing a timeless and accurately portrayed lawyer of a big corporation. Matt Damon plays a typical seeker of oneself with potential, something he actually played twice that year and he does it quite well. It is certainly a film that reflects the interesting politics of big businesses and their legal tricks, as well as the courtrooms, the stands, and the lawyer arguments more tangibly than many other legal drama. Though Coppola, as usual, takes a crazy long time to get it going. ()



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Englisch I've always been attracted to legal dramas, if only because of the work they have to put to appeal to the viewer, especially with long interrogations and conversations in a quiet courtroom. But Coppola had absolutely no problem with that, because he got his hands on some truly great material about an aspiring lawyer and a young boy whose insurance company refuses to pay for his leukaemia treatment. And he also got an excellent cast led by Damon, DeVito, Voight, and Mickey Rourke, who once again delights in a smaller role. Coppola is a first-class director and he plays out the extensive legal battle at first in a slow pace, then at the very end he hits the gas hard and with the help of all the wonderful performances finishes just short of the world record, which still undeniably belongs to Demme's Philadephia and Schumacher's Time to Kill, both of which left me with more lasting memories. ()


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Englisch The plot is slow and not very convincing at first, but then it turns out to be one of the best legal dramas I've ever seen. Just watching the performances of everyone involved is a treat in itself. Starting with the funny De Vito and ending with Mickey Rourke, who doesn't have much space, but is still unforgettable. And that Damon is a very good actor is something I've known for a long time, and this just confirmed it. PS: After a second viewing, I’m going to 5*. ()


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Englisch I would have expected a suffocating and dark courtroom drama from Francis Ford Coppola, but instead I got a refreshing film good for a single viewing that manages to pass quickly despite its length. The pair of appealing stars Matt Damon-Danny DeVito and the fantastic slimeball Jon Voight greatly contribute to this. I'm not afraid to say that it is his best performance. ()

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