An ambitious employee is unceremoniously transferred to the company's least desirable department, where he must contend with a new crew of misfits. (Netflix)

Kritiken (4)


alle Kritiken

Englisch A pretty cool comedy for Czech standards, a laugh-out-loud comedy without any higher ambitions. Even a month after the premiere the cinema was packed like at the premiere of The Avengers, I was very surprised, and the atmosphere of an entire theatre hall laughing adds plus points to the film. The characters (Vojtěch Kotek has the best role) pull it all together and there are some really nice girls. Some scenes are very funny, some are cringe, it's kind of half and half, it doesn't have the balls that Vyšehrad has, but I would rank it among the better Czech comedies. 6/10. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch I used to think that I don't understand today's Czech humor, but it's partly a Romanian import! Strange caricatures trying to be satirical, wandering from nowhere to nowhere, spouting nonsense. Vojtěch Kotek is the only one with an interesting character and he revels in the position of a suicidal religious man. The chaotic ending about payoffs and finding happiness is shock made of plastic. The funniest thing in all the muck was the bunch from Brno. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch The trailer in the cinema didn't impress me much, but the film itself was a pretty funny and at times quite sharp comedy. The makers were certainly inspired by American genre films, but at the same time they didn't forget to add some good old Czechoslovakian colour, which worked in many places. People who regularly participate in similar events might even recognize themselves in the film and add an extra star. The character portrayed by Erika Stárková was a bit theatrical, the auditors were borderline annoying, but otherwise it was an interesting collection of characters, where I would highlight especially the ones played by Vojtěch Kotek and Petra Polnišová. A solid one-off that doesn't offend and even surprises a little here and there. ()


alle Kritiken

Deutsch Ich habe erwartet, dass es sehr schlecht sein wird, aber am Ende war ich angenehm überrascht. Ein anspruchsloser Film zum Entspannen, bei dem doch mehr gelungene Witze als peinliche vorherrschen. Ich verstehe nur nicht, warum es immer noch eine Nachfrage danach gibt, dass Jakub Prachař immer wieder dieselbe Figur nur minimal verändert präsentiert. Es muss ihn selbst schon ärgern. Alle anderen sind mehr oder weniger okay, die beste Leistung erbrachte Chiara Steiner :-) ()