Los Angeles, 80er Jahre: Bauarbeiter Nada entdeckt, dass die Menschen von Aliens regiert werden. Die Außerirdischen kontrollieren sie durch Fernhypnose und zwingen sie zum totalen Konsum. Nada beginnt mit Unterstützung seines Freundes Frank die Eindringlinge zu bekämpfen. Doch diese kommen den beiden schnell auf die Spur. (TELE 5)


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Englisch The degeneration of contemporary pop culture, which shows us stories of how a humble peasant came upon a great truth and then cleverly defeated it on his own terms, we can feel that They Live is actually a typical victim of 80s primitivism, where the truth is ideally reached with a fist, an elbow, or straight up with a shotgun. At least Carpenter does not mask in any way that the solution to the problem was basically reached by a muscular teenager who doesn't read Nietzsche in the evening, but rather Hustler and Guns & Ammo. The means by which he then seeks satisfaction simply correspond to this. And besides, Carpenter was very good at macho shoot-’em-ups and beat-’em-ups in the eighties, so it's a joy to watch. ()


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Englisch The worst Carpenter I’ve seen so far, and that also includes Ghost of Mars. Unfortunately, I didn’t look at the genre category and I expected horror and what I got instead was a silly, satirical and almost self-parody of science fiction that becomes increasingly boring with every passing minute. Unfortunately, I can’t even highlight the music, because unlike other Carpenter films, this time it really got on my nerves. ()


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