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Der Börsenmakler Nick Halloway ist ein charmanter und erfolgreicher Tagedieb. Er schummelt sich stets durchs Leben. Doch eines Tages ändert sich das. Durch einen mysteriösen Unfall in einem nuklearen Forschungslabor wird Nick unsichtbar. Die CIA heftet sich an seine Fersen, um ihn als Versuchskaninchen zu gewinnen. Dank seiner Unsichtbarkeit kann Nick entkommen. In der hübschen Alice findet Nick sogar eine Komplizin auf der Flucht vor dem Geheimdienst ... (ATV2)


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Englisch It’s very pleasant entertainment at the beginning, but it runs out of breath in the second half. That said, it’s a perfect film to chill out, some of the invisibility scenes are good and Chevy Chase pulls it all off just fine. Sam Neill is a great actor and deserves much better films. 60% ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch Admittedly, almost nothing that the film was made for (Chevy Chase's efforts to stretch himself into more serious roles, a semantic reinterpretation of the book's premise focusing on the existential and practical problems of invisibility, making money from the theatrical release) came to fruition, but thankfully that doesn't mean it's not completely devoid of fun. Plus, it contains the familiar Carpenter-esque bits that I enjoy picking out, like the casting of at least one actor who absolutely missed the calling (Gregory Paul Martin) or the alarming inability to work with female characters in any way whatsoever. I’m also including invisibility in my catalogue of nightmares because of the remark that it makes it possible to see through closed eyes. ()


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