In der Stille der Nacht

  • USA Still of the Night
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Thriller von Robert Benton mit Roy Scheider und Meryl Streep. Ein Psychater aus Manhatten verfolgt den Mord an einem seiner Patiententen uns verliebt sich dabei in seine Geliebte. (Verleiher-Text)

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alle Kritiken

Englisch Considering the cast, I expected it to be a bit better, but I have to admit that it definitely didn't live up to expectations. In the end, it's a pretty normal thriller that will leave you guessing who's behind it until the end. Meryl Streep is adorable in the role and she and Roy make an interesting couple. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch A horror-tinged crime thriller that tries to follow in the footsteps of Hitchcock's classic works. It has a decent script and, above all, a quality cast, with Meryl Streep bringing a refreshing touch thanks to her high level of acting professionalism, especially since she hasn't played many similar roles. Overall impression: 75%. Several scenes from the film are definitely memorable. ()



alle Kritiken

Englisch A pretty good thriller that will make you scared a couple of times. It’s far from Hitchcock, but comparisons be dammed, it has atmosphere, a mysterious villain and good actors. If you come across it, don’t hesitate. ()

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