Die Rache des Ungeheuers

  • USA Revenge of the Creature (mehr)


Ein mysteriöser Kiemenmensch wird aus dem Dschungel in einen Marinepark nach Florida verfrachtet. Dort soll die Kreatur unzähligen Untersuchungen und Experimenten unterzogen werden. Doch der Kiemenmensch bricht aus. Auf der Flucht bringt er die Wissenschaftlerin Helen (Lori Nelson) in seine Gewalt. (Universal Pictures Germany)

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Englisch The frog-man won't let up with the ladies, not even in the sequel to the successful horror film Creature from the Black Lagoon. The story begins where it left off in the previous part, in a pond in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, where the prehistoric frog-man lives. Compared to the previous part, where a team of scientists wanted to neutralize him with poison, this time the filmmakers didn't skimp and went straight with dynamite. Stunned by the pressure wave, the monster is taken to the Ocean Harbour Marine Science Centre in Florida. The exhibition gets a little out of control, the creature scares a few journalists, kills a marine and is chained to the bottom of a pool as punishment. In the following scenes, the scientists feed the monster and teach it reflexes using an electric baton. The scientific team is led by a scientist, a big hottie, with whom the creature falls in love. There are plenty of underwater sequences to enjoy, interspersed with long shots of frolicking dolphins and the occasional rant from the pretty scientist about the plight of the scientists and her need to be like other normal people. But the creature breaks the chain, escapes from the aquarium, knocks over a car on the way and walks leisurely into the sea. Here the frog-man ceases to be an exotic prehistoric animal and becomes a rather horny predator. I wondered in vain how he could know where the scientist lived, but he did indeed appear at her house and after a few amorous tussles between the hunk and her scientist colleague, the frog did indeed manage to kidnap the scientist. Good for him, he should have known better than to mess with women and paid the price. The film ends with similar shots as the previous part, thus opening the door for a sequel. The final impression is very good, definitely a top in the monster-movie genre. And lest I forget, for about half a minute, you can see a young Clint Eastwood, lab rat in hand, wearing a scientist's uniform, and he utters five sentences. I really counted :) ()

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