Büro der Legenden

  • Frankreich Le Bureau des Légendes (mehr)
Frankreich, (2015–2020), 43 h 20 min (Minutenlänge: 52 min)




Mathieu Kassovitz, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Sara Giraudeau, Florence Loiret Caille, Gilles Cohen, Alexandre Brasseur, Michaël Abiteboul, Léa Drucker (mehr)
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Das "Büro der Legenden" ist die wohl wichtigste Abteilung des französischen Geheimdiensts. Hier werden die weltweiten Undercover-Einsätze der Agenten koordiniert. Einer der Spione in Algerien verschwindet plötzlich spurlos. Wenn seine Tarnung aufgeflogen ist, dann sind die Geheimnisse des Büros bedroht und damit der gesamte französische Geheimdienst. Der Spion Guillaume Debailly kehrt nach einem sechsjährigen Undercover-Einsatz in Syrien nach Paris zurück und soll die Ereignisse in Algerien aufklären. Dabei fällt es ihm schwer, seine falsche Identität abzuschütteln, sodass auch er selbst zu einem Risiko wird. (RTL Crime)


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Englisch A story of a man who is heading for disaster. To write that this is a French response to Homeland (in the style of The Hour / Mad Men) is like keeping saliva in your mouth for a few hours and then spit them onto the face of the creators, but... it is true to some extent, even if we might not like it. The main difference, however, is in the plainness of the concept (it is quite free of big words, gestures and actions) of the view of the operation of the department of recruiting "acquaintances", not only defectors, agents, terrorists, but mostly ordinary people who could potentially have access to interesting/dangerous (dis) information. It's about finding the way to them and controlling them, not about blackmailing them.* Simply put, a daily routine of an uncommon office full of hypocrisy, intrigue, outsmarting others, plotting, looking over your shoulder, paperwork, strict rules in the workplace, nicknames of operatives taken from Tintino and... And yes, it is absolutely cold procedural "lecarréov style movie" in the best possible sense of this word, which is moreover current and not at all black and white. Just an unbelievable believable spy master, where it is often not clear who is a mouse and who is a cat, with nerve-wracking tension stemming from the behavior and subsequent actions of missing people doing their job and what they are damn good at. Not from shootings, murders or impending terrorist attacks. Pragmatic decisions win, not emotion-driven ones. Already the first season had not many competitors in terms of movies with similar quality genre. Not to mention an even better second season, which then does not have too much competition across the entire serial spectrum, regardless of genre boxes. And after all, even the third season does not deviate from the established trend of "absolute quality", although in the last two episodes it contains the germ of something that could be a problem in the future, namely, excessive adherence to one of the lines, which potentially might become flogging a dead horse. Surprisingly, however, the problem of the "weakest" fourth season is not in the above so far. The creators handled that more than well not even in the quality of individual lines (they are on the same level as always), but in connecting it all into one coherent whole. There are three separate story lines. Let´s pretend they complement each other (although the one that looks like a major for a long time and eventually fades away and serves more/perhaps as a possible start for the next season), but one is completely sidelined from start to finish. It´s remote, far from all events, in another place and with different characters. Which, to a large extent, also applies to the fifth season, where the disarray and absent-mindedness is even more noticeable. With the only difference that the main story line is even more highlighted and slightly better. Unusual, however, is the final duo of bittersweet "epilogue" episodes, which close the chapter of one era. It seems, with regard to the building blocks of the series, almost out of place, as if they come from a completely different series (à la Soprano). After all, it is the fault of Audiard and we can clearly that he is the one responsible. But after five seasons, it starts work properly. It is completely justified as a conclusion of one era.* Your real task will be to destroy the lives of people who are not necessarily bad. They are only foreigners who work for their country and have access to information important to our security. People that we call villains just because they live on the opposite side of the border and know the things their government wants to keep secret at all costs. | S1: 5/5 | S2: 5/5 | S3: 5/5 | S4: 4/5 | S5: 5/5 | () (weniger) (mehr)


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Englisch Do you consider James Bond to be a typical spy? Do you associate the profession of a spy with shootouts, fights, chases, and seducing beautiful women? Do you prefer a black-and-white vision of the world and dividing characters into villains and heroes? Then The Bureau is probably not the best choice for you. In my opinion, this French series (knowing that it also has to keep the viewer's attention - that is, to thrill and entertain) came closest to what I imagine the work of secret services to be like. That means collecting, sorting, evaluating, and last but not least, trading information, which is done by analysts whose main weapons are intelligence, memory, disguise, and manipulation. Top secret agent Paul Lefebvre returns home after years spent taking part in a conspiracy, and upon his return, his attention temporarily slackens to the point that he makes a seemingly minor mistake. To correct it, he allows himself to make a bigger one and thus begins a chain of events that will affect all members of his office, endangering some secret operations and the agents involved in them. Most importantly, it complicates his life and the lives of those he loves. He goes to places that no sane person would want to go, experiencing the worst nightmares imaginable. The Bureau is a suspenseful series and at the same time very realistically portrayed, without pathetic words or gestures, and it is capable of getting deep under your skin. Overall impression: 90%. ()


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