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The Actress is based on Years Ago, one of several autobiographies by actress/playwright Ruth Gordon. Jean Simmons stars as blossoming teenager Ruth Gordon Jones, who is determined to become a famous stage star despite the objections of her stubborn ex-sea captain father Clinton Jones (Spencer Tracy). Papa wants Ruth to become a physical-education instructor, but she wants none of this. With the covert help of her understanding mother (Teresa Wright), Ruth seeks out stage work--any stage work. Ultimately, it is Papa who dips into the Jones family's limited coffers to bankroll his daughter's first big break. (Verleiher-Text)


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Englisch A conversational comedy, although there are some more dramatic elements in it, which showcase how great an actor Spencer Tracy was and how he could essentially carry a film even from the position of a supporting character. This is an actor you believe every word from, whether he's being funny or serious. And he wasn't afraid of either. He wasn't even afraid to mock a little. ()

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