Der Mann mit den Röntgenaugen

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Dr. Xavier entwickelt ein Serum das den Augen die Fähigkeit verleiht ein weiteres Spektrum der Realität wahrzunehmen. Als die Gelder für sein Projekt gestrichen werden testet er das Serum an sich selbst und tritt von nun an als Mann mit Röntgenaugen in einem Zirkus auf. (Verleiher-Text)

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Englisch A likeable low-budget Corman-flick about a doctor who, after experimenting on himself, gains X-ray vision that allows him to see up women's skirts, give people medical diagnoses for money, and hustle blackjack dealers in gambling halls. However, his murderous act and the worsening condition of his eyes lead the story to a bleak ending. The effects are appropriate to the budget, people's insides are painted, and lechers don't get to see women's naked parts because Corman chastely occupies them from the head down to at most a few centimetres below the chin. Former acting celebrity Ray Milland, once an Oscar-winning actor (and later mired in B-movie projects) is as reliable as ever in the lead role; this wasn't his first collaboration with Corman. ()

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