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  • Englisch A Bag of Fleas (mehr)


New trainee Eva arrives at a boarding school attached to a textile factory and finds a close friend in the free-spirited Jana. The staff vainly try to make the latter conform to the social model, and the girl’s transgressions against the rigid structures of the socialist institution are investigated by the workshop board. “We are all actors if we have the opportunity to come out of ourselves. We don’t have to be precise in the way expected of professional actors, but we bring the truth of our lives into play. That’s why I provoked the girls and the staff at the boarding school to express themselves spontaneously; I wanted them to be themselves. The dialogue was improvised, I didn’t know what the characters were going to say – and that’s what makes the film ingenuous. What I always admired about non-actors is that they’re prepared to speak straight off, to share their views openly. These people had never performed in front of a camera, so the cameraman merely had to act promptly, using his sensitivity to capture the situations and fragments of what was unfolding in front of the lens,” says Chytilová, describing her creative process. The film will be screened in its digitally restored version. (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival)


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Englisch Before watching this I once again remembered how much I disliked Věra Chytilová. Her strong feminism and dominant personality simply don't match my values and personality. Among other things, she said an interesting sentence that "a story is just bait for fools," which she used when there was no other choice because a story is the last thing she's interested in. Maybe that's one of the reasons why we didn't get along, and except for The Very Late Afternoon of a Faun and The Jester and the Queen, I really don't much care for her films. A Bag of Fleas represents, in a way, the opposite of Forman's films, which happen to fascinate me. Both fall under the label of the Czech New Wave, and yet the result is so dramatically different. Her early films remind me more than anything else of directorial exercises at a film school and mapping the possibilities of the film medium. This film about girls in a boarding school is full of banality and resembles a bunch of hens in a small courtyard. Overall impression: 35%. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch Cinema vérité may offer very rich possibilities for exploring reality and the issues at hand, but if the most capable director puts the camera into a chicken coop, where the aesthetic aspect of the objects under scrutiny is also not worth much, the value of the film is limited to crazy, skinny formalists in tight shirts or feminists reminiscing about the golden communist days of boarding schools and perms. No matter how I look at it, nothing for me… ()


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