Die Piraten wollen ihren toten Anführer rächen und sind deswegen hinter Dragon Mao her. Dieser arbeitet für die Polizei und soll den Kriminellen “Awesome Wolf” fassen. Außerdem will er dem korrupten Polizeidirektor Chun das Handwerk legen. Doch dann tappt Dragon Mao in eine Falle und braucht plötzlich selbst Hilfe … (Kabel eins classics)

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Englisch The second sequel didn't particularly impress me, but I have to say, I quite enjoyed it at times. When you watch Jackie Chan, his acting is simply infectious, and he can really draw you in. He's incredibly dynamic, he moves like a ball, and he's excellent. However, this time around, the setting didn't particularly excite me, and I just couldn't fully enjoy the movie. ()


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Englisch Part two no longer features Sammo Hung, but paradoxically it’s a little better. You see, it has textbook tempo and it’s a real “Chan" brand ingenious stunt revue. Yes, and you’ve definitely seen something like this before in his other movies, but there it is more like icing on the cake, but here he really piles on the action. ()


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