Mitte der Achtzigerjahre bekommt Pornostar Maxine Minx (Mia Goth) endlich ihre große Chance in Hollywood. Doch ein geheimnisvoller Privatdetektiv und die grausamen Morde eines Serienkillers in ihrem Umfeld sorgen dafür, dass ausgerechnet jetzt ihre unheilvolle Vergangenheit ans Licht kommen könnte. (Universal Pictures Germany)

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Deutsch Also hat uns Ti West seine offene texanisch-hollywoodske Trilogie geschlossen und jetzt ist darin eine solche Parabel zu sehen. Mit X hat uns West mit seinem sehr gelungenen Retro-Visuellen Stil geblendet, obwohl das einfache Drehbuch nicht gerade faszinierend war. Dann kam Pearl, eine ziemlich bewundernswerte Horrorkarakterstudie und das Highlight (oder die Anomalie) der gesamten Trilogie, beziehungsweise des gesamten Regisseurskatalogs. Mit MaXXXine kehrte West eher zum Anfang zurück, also zum Sieg der Form über den Inhalt. Auf dem Papier wirkt es etwas unvollendet, nicht ausgereift. Vielleicht hat der Regisseur sich ein wenig müde gefühlt. Es macht immer noch viel Spaß, hat ein großartiges visuelles Element und die Einbettung in die Mitte der 80er Jahre erscheint absolut glaubhaft. Ti West war nie ein starker Drehbuchautor, aber er liebt Film, liebt die Filmemacherei und zitiert auch gerne aus Genreklassikern. Nach dem großartigen Pearl eine leichte Enttäuschung, aber dennoch ein angenehmer Genuss. [KVIFF 2024] ()


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Englisch The conclusion of the  X / Pearl / MaXXXine trilogy starts out promisingly and delights the viewer with its insidiously sinister tone, horror distastefulness, 1980s-style audiovisual aspect and setting in Hollywood movie studios, but the depiction of a Satanic cult and the impression made by the point drags the film down into the realm of lazy and cheap bullshit that fans of the series don’t want. Furthermore, the film does not in any way utilize the presence of the infamous "Night Stalker" (see the excellent Netflix documentary), who is mentioned only in news reports. [Karlovy Vary International Film Festival] ()


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Englisch MaXXXine Minx is an adult film star, but she wants to take the next step in her career and is aiming for the lead role in an upcoming horror film. But succeeding in a Hollywood filled with madmen, serial killers and violence won't be easy. Especially when her past comes to mind. Ti West has conceived the final installment of his trilogy as a great homage to the 80s and the brainy thrillers and horror films of that era, and has uncompromisingly subordinated everything to it. Anyone expecting a traditional thriller with light genre games is in for a bummer. MaXXXine isn't afraid to be a wild, ridiculous and bizarre B-movie. And it certainly doesn't try to be cute. But it's undoubtedly interesting not just to fans of what West is paying homage to here. ()


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Englisch Ti West completed his trilogy of horror movies starring Mia Goth with a spectacular ultra-pastiche that in a certain respect not only tops off the series and the director’s filmography to date, but also the entire filmmaking tradition of decadent genres. Since time immemorial, all trash filmmakers have longed for acceptance and recognition, which means studio facilities and shooting in Hollywood. West’s trilogy about the alluring nature of filmmaking and promises of fame ends there. The director absolutely delights in the eclectic composition of allusions and references. His film radiates enthusiasm for the high and the low, thus setting side by side allusions ranging from porn to Chinatown, from American trash to giallo, and from Psycho to The Long Goodbye. Taking full advantage of the fulfilled dream of making his film under the wing of the celebrated Universal Studios, he stages a fannish tour of not only iconic locations in L.A., but mainly Universal’s outdoor sets. In so doing, he recalls the VHS era, highlights genre movies made by ambitious female directors and settles accounts with the religionists and moralists who protested against trash filmmakers and their works in the 1980s. However MaXXXine still primarily remains a hedonistic genre fantasy that doesn’t aim for historical accuracy (e.g. female directors were given room to work by Corman, not by the major studios). The main denominator here is the filmmaker’s own joy and, ideally, that of viewers having the same mindset. We could reach for the word Tarantino-esque, but that would be inadequate and limiting in any case. Because whereas Tarantino makes ultimate paraphrases of his favourite genres by ingeniously twisting iconic moments with his screenwriting, West outright composes an enthusiastic tribute that makes do with a fetishistic reconstruction that isn’t much more sophisticated than its inspirations in terms of screenwriting, but is joyfully informed by those films and enthusiastically revels in the possibilities that present themselves (which is perfectly confirmed by the closing vanity shot). ()


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Englisch MaXXXine is the weakest part of Ti West’s horror trilogy, but as a tribute to the dirty, bloody slasher B-movies of the 1980s, it is a truly delicious treat in terms of its audio-visual aspect. The film skilfully plays with the period stylisation (VHS rental shop, practical gore effects) and the dream-factory setting (the plot is set in Hollywood and Universal’s film sets), as well as with numerous references to other horror movies and quotes of motifs and clichés corresponding to the genre. However, the script lacks the sophistication of the second part of the trilogy and is qualitatively more like those goofy old horror trash flicks to which it spectacularly pays homage. ()

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