The manager of a department store and the security man arrange an inside job when the store comes under investigation from detectives due to a discrepancy in the accounts. After causing havoc on the sales floor by fiddling with a series of items and display models, Charlie runs into the floorwalker (Charlie's near double) who has just robbed the safe and 'knocked out' the manager. Due to this resemblance to the floorwalker, Charlie thinks he is in front of a mirror, as does his double, and they move in unison until Charlie notices his 'image' is holding a bag of loot robbed from the office safe. The floorwalker attempts to get away by changing clothes with Charlie but the manager, now conscious and mistaking Charlie for his partner, seizes the money. A wild chase, the wrong way down the up escalator, and up and down in the lift, finally leads to his capture. (Verleiher-Text)