• Mexiko Susana (carne y demonio) (Festivaltitel) (mehr)


Having recently escaped from a reformatory for troubled women, a voluptuous young delinquent is taken in by a wealthy Spanish family and methodically proceeds to undermine their conservative religious household through seduction and intimidation. (Morelia International Film Festival)

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Englisch A young man with a moustache, a younger man with a thicker moustache (I got them mixed up during the first twenty minutes) and an older man with a moustache are seduced by a woman without a moustache. Melodrama non plus ultra. It’s just dumb, but cleverly directed. Buñuel economises on the shots as if it wouldn’t make sense to waste more film stock on such material, characterises the men based on their belongings (whips, rifles, books) and divides the women into two categories – stupid and frivolous. He managed to hide quite a lot in the film without making it incomprehensible to lovers of the genre. But it’s not clear if Susana is so funny thanks to the director’s biting sense of humour or if it’s just a matter of viewers’ caustic laughter in the parts that are totally over the top. 60% ()

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