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Helle Aufregung herrscht am Hof des Königs von Navarra. Er überredet seine Freunde, vor aller Öffentlichkeit einen Eid abzulegen Drei Jahre lang wollen sie sich ganz auf ihre Studien konzentrieren, dabei niemals länger als drei Stunden schlafen... (Verleiher-Text)

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Englisch I won't hide the fact that this mostly criticized pop-cultural retelling of a literary classic literally thrilled me. Kenneth Branagh demonstrated extraordinary sensitivity for this storytelling, successfully (literally) dancing on the edge between original art and blatant kitsch, which, though not as thin as in Moulin Rouge!, still places it in a slightly different league. The rhymed dialogues, the unique singing, and the breathtaking dance numbers are the main pillars of Branagh's success, of which he is duly proud, and from his filmmaking, one can feel not only the joy of work but also admiration for Shakespeare's work, as evidenced most in the humorous scenes, which are not only countless but are all "top-notch." My only criticism may be directed towards occasional stiffness in certain scenes, which unfortunately stands out in the 90-minute duration and can be quite distracting and disruptive. However, that doesn't detract much from me giving it the highest rating. ()


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Englisch The naive foolish atmosphere supported by music and dance scared me in the beginning, but when you embrace Branagh's play, you can navigate through that confusion in a calm pace until the end - I would highlight the magically dreadful speaking performance of Timothy Spall. ()


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