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alle Kritiken

Englisch Vladimír Páral was a respected writer of his era and an expert in dissecting human sexuality and interpersonal relationships. There were always long queues every Thursday for his books, and besides Hrabal, he was probably the best legally published author. However, he had a bit of bad luck with film adaptations of his books, mostly - perhaps the normalization period played a role in it - resulting in average adaptations. Maybe it's also the time of origin, in the period of cultural flourishing in the second half of the 1960s, but this film is the best that has been created based on his original work. It is a sarcastic, mocking, and provocative film about how things work between men and women. There are also a few gags, like when Pavel Landovský is preparing to farewell his rival from this world, but otherwise, the film is not about straightforward laughter but rather about contemplation. Overall impression: 80%. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch Until the Revolution, the themes drawn from Páral might have provided something new, but after he was discredited as an author by the Czech films Playgirls and Lovers & Murderers, he cannot be trusted. Through this lens, I would have expected a pleasant surprise. However, it is a pleasure just to watch Kolářová's performance. And just for the sake of interest, it is worth noting the trio of cameos by Menzel, Neckář and Bohdalová. This phenomenon has not been otherwise cultivated in Czech cinema. ()


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