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Englisch The Kidnapping of Fux the Banker is the climax of the so-called "Anton Comedies" cycle, which will make you laugh no matter what. There are delightful ideas, absolute jokes, and excitement. The fantastic scenes of loving friendship played by Anny Ondra and Bronislava Livia are pure bliss, as is the tandem of Karel Lamač and his faithful Bolton Karel Fiala. The variation of Theodor Pištěk in the role so typical of Čeněk Šlégl is epochal, and so is the degenerate Sir with a drill. The beautiful, breathtaking models, so often referred to through the cameo of French fashion designer Poiret, are a given. Add to that the epochal Holmes II played by Eman Fiala and Speerger's stylish robber who robbed a newsagent. It must be seen repeatedly to savor everything, as it is impossible to take it all in at first viewing because The Kidnapping of Fux the Banker is a veritable geyser. I also have to praise the huge scenes with extras that even Vávra could only dream of. ()

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