Charley Leyton goes to London from his Richmond estate by a carriage. Along the way, then in London the fate brings together with a mysterious young man, who seems to be a bandit. While he says the case to his friends in a fashionable club those mysterious young men comes up to them and he introduces himself under the name Maxwell Hardy. He joins Leyton words, criticizing the British police, which is unable to capture the criminals. The gentlemen present to protest and offer a bet which is accepted by Maxwell. He commits itself to carry out a crime and that the London police can not arrest him within 30 days. Maxwell puts down on the gentlemen's table the object of the planned robbery, a yellow bag, and then he disappears. The next day newspapers write about a Thames bank robbery murder, which has been committed in a car rental No. 99 . At the end it turns out that the mysterious stranger is none other than Ward, most brilliant London police detective who, while winning the bet, arrests bandits. (Verleiher-Text)