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  • USA The People Under the Stairs (mehr)


Der 13-jährige Fool lebt gemeinsam mit seiner Mutter und seiner Schwester Ruby in einem heruntergekommenen Ghettoapartment. Die mittellose Familie soll von ihren herzlosen Vermietern auf die Straße gesetzt werden, der dort luxeriöse Wohnungen plant. Doch Fool bekommt Wind davon, dass sich in dem Haus des Vermieters ein gigantischer Geldschatz befinden soll. Durch einen Einbruch in das Haus will der 13-jährige Junge seine Familie aus ihrer Misere befreien. Als er einmal in das schwer befestigte Haus eingedrungen ist, gibt es kein Entkommen mehr: Das inzestuöse, kannibalistische Vermietergeschwisterpaar hält in seiner Festung heranwachsende Kinder im Keller gefangen. Nur mit Hilfe des zwischen den Wänden lebenden Roach und der anämischen Alice gelingt Fool die Flucht vor den Verrückten. Mit der unterdrückten Nachbarschaft kehrt er zurück, um Alice und die Kinder aus dem Keller zu retten. (Verleiher-Text)


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alle Kritiken

Englisch Absolutely warped movie with a “Burn-in-Hell" Mom and Dad who lock kids up in their home, and like a model family they have a doggie too... Definitely don’t expect any horror, suspense or even any serious moments, but if you are fine with untaxing entertainment full of great lines and madcap fun, this is a movie for you. The movie isn’t spoiled even by the child main protagonist with a deprived social background, or rather not until the last third. And Craven really could have spared us the very ending. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch Wes Craven is great. An original theme about a remarkably huge house and a deranged family with a mysterious secret in the basement. The suspense pedals from start to finish, I was fascinated by the various traps and corridors, the father in his black suit was a proper nutter and the mother a proper perverted bitch. Surprise. A good flick.75% ()



alle Kritiken

Englisch I'm a bit torn apart about this film... Even though I consider The People Under the Stairs to be first-rate nonsense that doesn't hold up under strict logical analysis, I was still satisfied with it, and I can even say that I enjoyed it better than objectively much higher quality films. Wes Craven is simply not only a good craftsman but also a connoisseur of genre rules and his audience. He knows very well that a fan of low-budget horror films doesn't watch them to elevate themselves intellectually but to evoke emotions. Craven knows the structure of horror, all its genre topics, props, and especially the desired clichés, both in theory and in practice. His film dabbles on the edge of horror, splatterpunk, parody, and comedy. None of it works perfectly and it doesn't come close to the quality of Scream. Of course, the horror atmosphere prevails, where Craven feels at home, but at the same time the director goes a bit into a parody exaggeration, which may not provoke bursts of laughter but does manage to make the corners of your mouth twitch – moreover, it leads to the fact that the viewer generously waves away the plot holes bigger than the damage to the Titanic caused by the iceberg... A completely undemanding, but functional affair. Overall impression 60%. ()


alle Kritiken

Englisch Pretty decent perverted fun overall, but the child protagonist was insufferable. In any case, Craven has better stuff under his belt. 60% ()

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