The owner of a house in the suburbs, Anna Faktorová, makes life difficult for her tenants. There are strict house regulations, and the only person who gets on well with Mrs Faktorová is the parasite and thief Gustav, who sponges off the other tenants. A new tenant arrives to the attic: Zajíček, an old bachelor and a clerk at a pawn shop. He soon develops a fondness for his neighbour, the music teacher Věra Hronová. There is tension in the household. Mejstřík the grocer is worried about his ground-floor shop, and the spiritualist Šoltys is forced to pay higher rent when he is caught holding a seance - and what is more the clock is stolen from his flat. Zajíček has got closer to Věra and is jealous when he sees her talking to an older, rich man. A receiver comes into his pawn-shop with Šoltys's stolen clock. Zajíček recognises it and it turns out that Gustav stole it. The strange man Věra was speaking to was her father, and she was trying to convince him she could earn a living on her own. The rich father buys Věra a house and Zajíček moves in with her - as do all Mrs Faktorová's other tenants. Mrs Faktorová is left all alone in her house. (Verleiher-Text)