Seit 1977 schwebt die Raumkapsel "Voyager 2" durchs Weltall. Ihre Mission Lebewesen auf anderen Planeten von der Existenz der Erde zu berichten und sie zu uns einzuladen. Jetzt ist der ersten Gast da: Starman - der liebenswerteste Außerirdische seit Galaxis-Gnom E.T. Doch statt Pauken und Trompeten empfängt die Air Force ihn mit Bomben und Raketen. Der Starman muß im Norden der USA notlanden. Mitten im Wohnzimmer der jungen, attraktiven Witwe Jenny Hayden Karen Allen. Er nimmt die Gestalt ihres kürzlich verstorbenen Mannes Jeff Bridges an und zwingt Jenny, ihn nach Arizona zu bringen. Dort soll er in drei Tagen von seinen Artgenossen wieder abgeholt werden. Es beginnt eine gefährliche 3000-Meilen-Jagd quer durch die Vereinigten Staaten. (Columbia TriStar Film)


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Deutsch Eine spannende Geschichte über einen gestrandeten Außerirdischen (der Oscar nominierte Jeff Bridges), der nach Hause zurückkehren möchte. Das dieses Thema heutzutage oft wiederholt wird? Ja, aber John Carpenter hat im Starman seinen einzigartigen Stil und sein Gefühl eingefügt, sodass diese Science-Fiction in vielen Momenten das Herz ergreifen kann und definitiv aus der Masse hervorsticht. Und das Finale ist wunderschön stilisiert. Eine sehr nette Nostalgie. ()


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Englisch By the mid-80s, John Carpenter was a well-established director of stylish B-movies that had a respectable commercial reception within their means. As a result, he was given the opportunity to direct a generously budgeted sci-fi film for a major studio about the arrival of an alien on our planet. Although I consider Carpenter a solid director and don't see the film's weakness in his direction, the movie didn't impress me when I saw it in the movie theater. The problem lies in the screenplay and the overall approach to the topic. It’s a bland sci-fi romance that often elicited a bemused smile and, in one instance, even a chuckle from me - particularly when Karen Allen's character learns that their son will one day be an engineer. Overall impression: 45%. ()



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Englisch I didn't expect anything from this movie, but John Carpenter once again surprised me. Besides choosing quite an interesting topic, which is mainly a romance but also social criticism, the humor portrayed here is pleasant and graceful, which is not always the case with John. Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen make a great couple that works mesmerizingly well. Jeff then delivers one of his many incredible performances. ()


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Englisch The hot potato of Starman's long-circulating script, which needed to get on screens as quickly as possible after the success of E.T., landed in Carpenter's lap because he supposedly wanted to try something a little different with the characters and their relationships, but in retrospect even he admits that this was mainly due to the fact that he simply didn't have much to choose from after the disastrous reception of The Thing. In the end, Starman impresses the most with its original, sometimes quite epic special effects (the fall of the UFO into the forest is luxuriously grandiose, the subsequent formation of the alien into a human being is again rather disgustingly uncanny) and its appealing inclusion of various B-movie archetypes and situations. But I don't at all swallow the romance between the alien being, with grimaces resembling a bad trip trying to break through layers of Botox through which he utters phrases like "Define beautiful", "Define love", or "I gave you a baby." Ugh. The general poignancy of a childlike, guileless protagonist who unravels our life certainties with the kindness of simple questions, combined with an Oscar nomination (say whaaaaaaaaat?!), reminds us once again of the need to succumb to these little princes and their simple truths, because it's just easier than slowly and patiently unraveling and defining one's complicated and chaotic existence. Plus, thanks to this movie, another insufferable space smartass has fallen from the sky, prot, so the black spot for this one. ()

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